Vacancy: Financial Advisor for Programme budgets

The responsibility of the financial advisor (SBOS) will cover the programme budgets of the Netherlands’ embassies in North Africa (Tunis, Algiers, Tripoli and Rabat), under the guidance of the Regional Controller for North Africa. While the Regional Controller also covers the embassy in Cairo, this mission has its own additional financial advisor
As financial advisor you will contribute to the quality of the mission’s development cooperation (OS) programme and all other delegated programme budgets. Your role will involve implementation, control and giving advice. You will help ensure proper accounting and the regularity of commitments and expenditure, and promote the efficient use of resources. In these areas, you will advise and support dossier holders and the Regional Controller, to whom you will be accountable. The corporate controller FEZ will provide you, through the Regional Controller, with job-specific instructions, guidelines and frameworks. Based on this steering role, FEZ may be consulted as an informant for your interview cycle.